Sunday, June 30, 2013


We took a day long trip to Framlingham castle, which was so much fun! The castle was in ruins, but the outer wall was mostly in tact enough that we could walk around the top of it. The castle was in such a beautiful area with wonderful views.

We hiked around the outside, there were some really steep spots.

We went back to stonehenge with our friends, Amber and Isa. We were able to see more in the area than just Stonehenge. We saw some interesting sites that were just as old as stonehenge and built by the same people.

Hanging out at Woodhenge. Where there are cement markers, there used to be wooden poles.

Avebury henge! By far the neatest stone circle in the area. It's massive, and takes about 45 minutes to walk around the entire circle. These big stones are aligned in a perfect circle, and at some point a town was built in part of it. Layla enjoyed this more than stonehenge, since she was able to actually touch and climb the rocks & it was fun to run around.

Layla's summer language concert was held this month. The children who are learning Spanish and French held a concert to show off their skills for parents. They did so well & it was such a cute show.

The circus came to our tiny village! They set up the big top on Layla's school grounds and the kids were able to learn neat circus tricks from the performers during the week leading up to the performance. Then when we went to watch the show they had all the children who had learned tricks up on stage. They were able to juggle scarves, spin plates on sticks, and do all kinds of fun stuff! We had a wonderful time & Layla enjoyed being a part of the show.

Always on the run. Every weekend (usually on Sundays) we head out to the track and just jog around. Layla will ride her bike while I run & then she gets to enjoy running laps as well. We sometimes run out on the grass in the middle & we also run the bases on the baseball diamond.

June was a fun, busy month. We've spent a lot of time with friends and enjoying the warm weather. Layla is working really hard in school & learning so much. We're looking forward to summer vacation!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Comic Book Nerdling

So there is a stereotype with comic book readers being nerdy guys, and it's a "rare" thing when women read comics (as a female comic book reader, I can attest that there are in fact many, many female comic book readers, but there is a stigma that I won't get into on this blog.)  Someone brilliant named Kate Leth designed and sells this lovely tote for female comic book readers with a line that reads "Girls don't read comics" & a cute young lady laying there reading a comic book saying "Obviously."

and then this picture happened and I am dying from the cuteness. She's reading BATMAN: Li'l Gothams, a really cute comic book we love to read!

Crossfit Kids (kind of!)

So the base doesn't have license to do Crossfit Kids, so they do something similar called "KIDS ON THE MOVE!" It is SO FUN! It's run by the Health & Wellness Center, and has excellent coaches there with the kids.

We got there and they did a quick warm up with the kids (ages 4-8 approx) by jogging & skipping around with some stretching in there. They then set up a baseball diamond using cones, and at every cone they had to do a different activity (burpees, pushups, windshield wipers, squats) when the coach blew the whistle they had to either lunge, skip, bunny hop, or high-knee over to the next cone. Then once that was done they played freeze tag! 2 kids would be "it" and would chase everyone else. If you got tagged then you had to freeze in the squat position. You could only leave the squat position if another player crawled under your legs & then you'd be unfrozen and could run around again. After that they had a nice little cool down, stretching & hoola hooping.

One of the coaches thought Layla had done such a wonderful job & was impressed with how strong she is for such a tiny person. &  Layla had SO MUCH FUN!!! She giggled and screamed and ran around having a blast with the other kids. We will definitely be going again as often as we can.