Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Fun in England

We are enjoying our English summer here in the beautiful Suffolk countryside. There have been lots of rainy days, cloudy days, and cold days. Though, we've started to get regular visits from Mr. Sun & we take advantage of it every chance we get!

Today was my birthday, and since Jer's work schedule is crazy, Layla and I were going to be stuck home alone. We ended up making last minute plans with some friends so we could take advantage of the warm weather.

Layla and I filled up 3 of the large tupperware containers with water! Perfect for playing with toys or the little ones climbing in to cool off!

We also decided to add a little artistic fun to our day! Layla and I mixed some sidewalk paint. We made about 12 different colours using water, corn starch, and food colouring. Then Layla and her friend JoJo covered the driveway in dry cornstarch & GLITTER!! It was so pretty! On top of the dry cornstarch, they dumped the paints out, used sponges and paint brushes to spread the colours, and used spray bottles to add more colour. They had so much fun turning my driveway into a sparkly rainbow! 

Layla & Jojo's friend Isabella also joined in on the fun & they all ended up in their underwear and having a big water fight! They sat in the water, dumbed it on each other's heads, and sprayed us all with water guns & squirt bottles. 

After all was said & done we cleaned up the yard & headed inside to cool off, because the water was just not enough under that hot hot sun! We spent what little time we had with Jeremy inside & then we went out when it had cooled down a bit. I cut the bottom off a water bottle, then I fastened a wet washcloth to the bottom using a rubber band, just adding some dish soap to the inside and blow! The more air you blow, the more bubbles!! It was SO FUN & a prefect activity to sit in the shade & enjoy after the sun had dropped low enough to let us have cooler temps! 

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