Monday, April 1, 2013

March On

So obviously there was no post for February. It was a busy month for us, we moved out of the house the military forced us into when we arrived to this base & into a house on the economy, something of our choosing. Aside from looking at houses, picking one out, and moving all of our stuff to the new house not much happened. Jer left at the the end of February to attend a class in Germany, and during the month of March, we were able to go visit him there! Layla had a great time visiting the continent for the first time.

In the airport, ready to go see Daddy!

At a small cafe nestled in the middle of nowhere in the German Alps. They had the best donuts!

Hiking up to Neuschwanstein castle in Germany.

After a good 45 minute hike up, we made it to the castle & took a tour inside!

We also took a train to Innsbruck, Austria for the day. We were able to take a tour of the Swarovski crystal museum. The entrance was a Giant head with a fountain of water coming out of the mouth.

Layla liked the wall made of thousands of crystals!

March also brought the end of the spring term for school. Since Layla will be turning 5 over the term break, she will not be able to return to nursery school. She had her last day last week and we were sad to say good bye to everyone at Busy Bees! We've loved the past year at this school!

This is Layla's French class, Petits Enfants. Since she is moving up to Primary school, she will be moving up to the higher French class as well. I'm looking forward to her improvements in French.

This is Layla's first teacher, Miss Harriet. Layla has loved her from the start, and we were very sad to say good bye to her!

We are now enjoying term break before Layla starts at her new school. It will be 5 days a week, all day so it will be a big adjustment for Layla. We are looking forward to the new school and hope that Layla makes the adjustment easily.

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