Friday, May 31, 2013

Colour Me Surprised in May!

I just realised that this blog has been going for over a year now! I started it for Layla's fourth birthday, and have kept it up all year! Yay! So happy belated anniversary, blog!

May was the first month Layla spent the entire month at her new school. She's adjusting to it, but the full schedule makes for a tired girl. Even with a stricter bed time, she still is not happy to be getting up so early. Her first week she made a friend who was also new at the school, but it seems as though she gets angry with Layla if she play with anyone else. Layla is a friendly kid, so she's happy to play with everyone, and she has such a sweet demeanor that when her friend yells at her for playing with other kids, she listens and will only play with her. After discussing it with me, I've told her that she needs to stand up to her friend & invite her to play along with the other kids in the class, so she doesn't feel left out when Layla plays with the others.

In the middle of May, Layla had her first ever field trip! Her class was taken to the seaside to explore the Sea Life Centre a few hours north of us. She was a bit worried when she found out about it, and was sad I wasn't able to come with (for some reason this trip was school staff only & there will be future trips that I'll be able to accompany her on.) Other than that, I think she had fun. She was able to explore and learn about sea life with her class mates. It was an exciting day!

The weekend after her school trip we decided to take a little day trip out to Stonehenge since neither of us have ever been. It was a fun little trip. We drove a long time to walk around the park to view it, then drove home. It was a nice little trip, and I hope that as the weather warms up, we are able to continue to do fun little trips like this. Especially since we've just become English Heritage members, we have a free pass to view all of these fun, historic places throughout England!

At Layla's school they think it's important for the children to dress themselves for PE and then back into their uniforms. For a bunch of 4 and 5 year olds this can sometimes be a daunting task. On PE days it's interesting to see how the children dress themselves. One day Layla came out with her summer dress on inside out.

One day we were heading to Cambridge for some shopping and Layla asked if she could bring a toy. I told her to go pick out a toy, after she ran upstairs she exclaimed, "I'm ready to go to Cambridge!" and this is what she chose.

Funny Things Layla has said:

  • "Can you call daddy when we get home? Because that's where the internet lives."
  • "I just puddled!" (after jumping in a puddle)
  • "Mama, when you made the chicken sandwich with pears, it kind of tasted like peanut butter."

Making wishes on a sunny day.

 There is a park in between our house and the school, so often on days it's not raining we will stop and play for a while on our way home.

My supergirl and her little superman action figure.

Pretty, pretty princess hair. One of my favourite ways to do her hair for school. I have to take a picture in the morning because throughout the day it somehow becomes a big mess!

Layla and daddy having a race in the nature reserve in our village. Layla still has her love of running and is always looking forward to racing whoever is willing.

We spend a lot of time at a track nearby & as I was running one of my last laps, I came across these two doing jumping jacks. Layla is actually pretty good and doing them. Her coordination surprised me.

One weekend we went to London for the day with some friends. We went to the natural history museum, which was hosting a butterfly exhibit, and then we went to the science museum. We also spent some time in the M&M store and Forbidden Planet, our favourite store!

Someone was pretty excited to see a real rock from the moon! Layla loves outerspace and learning about astronomy, so the science museum was a lot of fun!!

Doing science

Since Layla was on half-term break the last week of the month, we not only went to London for the day, but we also drove to Kenilworth Castle. Most of the castle was in ruins, but they were so fun to explore!

Layla enjoyed running through the grounds. The gardens are maintained to look as they did back in 1575 when they were known as the glory of England. They were designed for Queen Elizabeth I by her favourite, Robert Dudley, when he was trying to convince her to marry him.

Hiding from the rain while exploring the ruins.

The weather has been up and down the whole month. We had quite a bit of rain, but I think it's finally starting to warm up for a lovely springtime. Layla has been fighting strep throat for the past week & yesterday she woke up covered from head to toe in a rash, so her friend Jojo and his mommy got her this cool hippo bubble foam thing. It's filled with bubbles and when you blow into the straw it creates an endless foam snake! We had fun out back playing with it, after being stuck inside feeling bad for a few days!

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