Sunday, September 30, 2012

A September to Remember

My baby started nursery school this month! I still can't believe that my baby is old enough to be in school, but she's already learned & grown so much in the past month. The first two weeks she would cry when I'd arrive to pick her up. She just loves all of her new little friends & her teachers (she has 3 great teachers!) but now when I pick her up she runs to me yelling "MOMMY!!!" & is so excited to tell me about her day. Not so surprisingly, she's also had to miss a few days of school due to illness. It's the first time in her life she's been surrounded by that many children for long periods of time & she's picking up all the germs.

Obligatory first day shot!

Walking in to the school.

She shares a hook with her new friend Moira.

I took a photography class this month, just something to better understand how my camera works, as well as how to take better pictures. Layla has been a wonderful & patient model!


Silly kid.

Shopping in Cambridge.

So stylish.

My beautiful girl.

Layla with her friend, Isabella.

Out on a farm.
Layla is loves painting & loves to create beautiful things. She painted a lovely rainbow for me one day after school. A wonderful, quiet moment. I wonder what she's thinking of when she is painting.

Instead of bringing Layla to the track or gym in her stroller, then letting her run around once my work out is done she now brings either her bike of scooter to go around with me. When she wants to be, she can be quite fast & get a lot of laps in. She still prefers to run around so she does get a few laps of running in still.

Layla is quite the stylish little lady now that she's grown up & started school. She has been wearing some really cute outfits & loves going out on shopping trips to Next or H & M.

Looking fab & too cool for school.

Ready for French lessons!
Shopping in Cambridge.

Funny Things Layla Has Said or Done:

  • "I always fart in your bed."
  • "Mommy, please make sure it's warm outside."
  • There was a spider in the bathroom while she was taking a bath "Mommy! Kill it! It's trying to see me naked!"
  • Layla got sick at school one day & after I picked her up she said "Mommy, I think my tummy is sad."
  • Going through her French flash cards we get to seagull & Layla says "Those are from the beach. They're mean birds. They like hot dogs."
  • "My elbows make me woggly." Said during yoga.
  • "I love soda. Is there soda in California?" "Yes." "There's soda in England too!"
Every so often Layla asks about California (she pronounces it "Canufornuh") & wants to move back to our house in Monterey or go to Grandma Bird's to play with her toys. So the other day she asks about it & Jer asks if she wants to see Grandma Bird's house. He pulled it up for her on google maps street view. She was so excited to see the house & all of their cars sitting out front!

This picture is just too cute not to share. I painted her nails & it was literally the first time she sat still all day. I guess sitting to let them dry was just long enough to get her to pass out cold. It was so hard to wake her for dinner!

Thank you for checking out the blog! It's obviously been a busy month for us since this was the only blog post. Hopefully October will also be full, busy, and exciting for us! We're really looking forward to Halloween & Jer's birthday.

Au revoir!

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