Friday, August 31, 2012

August in the Dust

August is over?! What? Where did this month go? I mean, I'm ready for Autumn, and so excited that September starts tomorrow, but at the same time I'm not ready for August to be over! I know, I'm ridiculous.

I'm excited, but nervous about September because Layla will be starting school in 3 days!!! What happened to my baby? She's such a little grown up.

She had her last ballet class this week. I had to cancel because she was going to be attending school the same time, but after I already cancelled & they already filled her spot I found out I can have her in school at a different time. So she's going back on the waiting list for ballet & I'll change her schedule when she starts ballet again.

This month the heat really got to us, and since the UK doesn't believe in air conditioners, we've had to get creative to stay cool. Layla's friend Jojo had a bubble party one day and we played with different kinds of bubbles (Layla loved the snake bubble!) as well as did some swimming & sprinkler running.

We also went to the ROBIN HOOD FESTIVAL in the REAL Sherwood Forest!! I didn't realise it was a real forest & they have a tree called 'The Major Oak' that is believed to be the real oak tree that Robin Hood & his band of merry men took refuge when hiding from the Nottingham Sheriff & his soldiers. We had so much fun at this event, and it is something we will probably attend every year!

Steal from the rich

give to the poor.

We took a break from walking around Sherwood Forest when we found a local craft shop that had a paint table set up for the kids. She painted a shield!

Funny things Layla has said or done:

  • "Rain looks like showers for cars."
  • I was speaking French to Jeremy, he was speaking Russian to me. Layla was watching us & said "Why are you making those noises?!"
  • "Daddy, are you using your eyes?"
  • "My teeth are wet!"
I know there were more, but I can just kick myself for not writing this stuff down!!


We've spent a lot of time shopping in Cambridge & Bury St. Edmunds. Since Layla is starting school soon I figure that it's time to stop dressing her in gym clothes/play clothes ALL the time. She's a little lady, and it's time to nourish her fashionista side =) (don't worry, gym clothes and play clothes are still going to be a big part of her life! She's just too active to not wear that stuff!)

My little fashionista

It amazes me how much this kid loves running. We're always out and about & find time to go out running and being active. I think if she could just run all day, every day she'd be the happiest child on earth.

She's also been socializing more. Wherever we've lived before she's always had friends that are older than her & are boys. I think that's why she loves running, she's had to run her whole life to keep up with the big boys! Well, now she finally has a little girlfriend she can be girly with.

Layla's friend Isa celebrated her birthday this month & we helped her mommy set up a very fun, medieval themed birthday party. The girls dressed up as princesses & we played medieval style games! It was quite the party!!

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