Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Fine Day at the Park

Summer is upon us here in the UK. Mr. Sun came up this week with a vengeance, with the intention of making us sweaty and tan. So we have been busy making sure we spend plenty of time outside! Everyday we make sure to go to one of the parks on base. The closest within walking distance is about 2.5 miles away, and we've walked there the past two days. Since today is Saturday, Jer joined us!

She really enjoyed playing on the see-saw with her daddy!

Layla loves the little merry-go-round. She loves to be pushed super fast & then she likes to sit on the edge & get pushed "slowly fast" as she calls it. Basically, slow enough to drag her feet along the ground.  She also loves pushing other kids around, if there are no other kids she'll push Jer & I!! She is super strong!

I can't believe another month is over! Next week I'll be posting another update on everything we've been up to this month!!

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