Friday, May 4, 2012

Princess Day!

Every Friday they have Princess Time on Disney Junior here in the UK, so Layla decided she wanted to dress the part today. Usually they have a little cartoon of one of the princesses, but today they showed footage of Rapunzel being crowned as the newest Disney Princess at Kensington Palace. Layla decided she wanted to wear a dress too, and lucky for her, her Uncle Matty and Aunt Deedee sent her Rapunzel's wedding dress & shoes to her for her birthday! So I got her all dressed up and we watched the princess ceremony. It was fun to watch because ALL the princesses were there too!

Another fun thing to do while wearing a princess dress is help mommy make laundry detergent!!
I've blogged about homemade laundry detergent before over on my other blog, but I've decided to update the detergent to a new one my friend posted. Before I made a liquid soap that worked well enough, but I didn't really like it (& neither did Jeremy.)
So I tried a new recipe and I love it!!
Layla and I decided to make a batch of it today. Well, I decided to make a batch & Layla wanted to help!

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