Wednesday, May 30, 2012

May 2012

What a busy month we've had!! We have finally found our rhythm and are on a better schedule. Mondays are our "rest" days. We usually go out and do fun things during the weekend, so I let Layla sleep in on Mondays (until about 8:30) before we start our day. Sunday's are my long run days, so we try not to do anything too active so my muscles can heal, but if the weather permits I usually take Layla to the park or we run errands. Tuesday is exercise day! We hit the gym together, and while I work out Layla usually gets all the other kids in the play area running around with her. Sometimes we go to the park or meet Jer for lunch as well. Wednesdays are our busiest days, Layla has gymnastics in the morning so we get up early to take Jer to work, then head to her class. Afterwards we have lunch (sometimes at home, or we go meet Jer) then we go to the gym. Layla runs around while I exercise. Thursdays are our cleaning day! We try to keep the house neat throughout the week, but we live here so it's never perfect. This is our day to deep clean & get ALL the laundry done. Layla is such a big helper with her chores! The past week she actually wanted to help me with the vacuuming! Fridays are a relatively easy day, if Jer is able to he will bring me the car during his lunch hour so Layla and I can go out. We have lunch, go to the park, or head to the gym. During the week we aim for 3 very active days, whether at the gym or at the park! Saturday's & Sundays we try to go out and do something fun together. The past 2 months we have had some pretty busy weekends, so when Sunday night rolls around we're all exhausted & ready to sleep!

My gym buddy!

Oh, LAYLA STARTED GYMNASTICS THIS MONTH!! Finally! After being on a waiting list, and then the first 4 weeks getting cancelled, she finally started! The first class was just 3 students, I think they felt bad for canceling on us each week. She was nervous and didn't know what the expect. When I woke her up that morning she did not want to go because she "don't know how to play gymnastics!" Also, we were surprised by the fact that parents aren't allowed to sit and watch the class, we have to wait out in a special area where we can watch on a teeny-tiny T.V. screen! It's kind of lame, but I have come to enjoy that hour. I get some embroidery or crocheting done! The second week & since then she's been very excited to go to gymnastics! Also, her class has slowly grown each week & it's finally a full class of 6 students! The other day as soon as class was over the other moms and I headed in to take some pics of the kids, since we aren't allowed in during class!

Layla with her teacher

Balance beam!

She was so proud to show off her moves!

For mother's day we actually woke up around 5 am to head out because Jer had a 12 mile race (a muddy race, with 25 obstacles throughout!) So we spent most of the morning/afternoon on a really pretty estate that was hosting the event. Layla and I hiked the course so we could see Jer at a few of the obstacles, so by the time we got home we stuffed food in our faces & showered. That evening we went to the base theatre to see Avengers Assemble! Which was an awesome movie! Layla loved it, she loves superheroes! Though, she fell asleep about halfway through. If we hadn't been up so early and had such a busy/active day, I'm sure she would have made it through the entire movie. I also got a really sweet card from her!

Jer helped her spell this out

A blue dog named Stella & an airplane that looks like a uterus!

One weekend we decided to make a little day trip into Cambridge. We take the bus into the city centre (because driving and finding parking would be hell!) & then walk around some shops. I love the Cath Kidston store & this trip we found a decent book store! So we spent some time in there. The weather has finally started to warm up. We had a few sunny days, but it was still a bit chilly with the breeze. This past week it has just been HOT HOT HOT!!

making wishes in the sunshine
Funny things Layla has said & done:

  • "Mommy! I hurt myself!" "Are you okay sweetie?" "I think soda will make me feel better!" (I think she just wanted some root beer!)
  • I had just gotten home from an early morning trip to the gym (sometimes I go before Layla and Jer wake up so I can have the car back in time for Jer to go to work) & she was still sleeping, but she sat up & said "I want Pongo like that girl" then she stared blankly at me for a good minute or so (definitely still in a dream world) and then said "Pongo & Purdy only had one puppy in our kitchen." So then we watch 101 Dalmations and cuddled!
  • Layla is a sneaky little one! "Mommy, can I sit on your lap?" "Not right now, I'm trying to finish these Emails." Then a minute later I realize she's sitting in my lap and we're singing songs from the movie 'Tangled' together! I still have no idea how that happened!! She's sneaky, sneaky!
  • Every night at bedtime this past week, as soon as we're finished reading, she asks "Mommy, can I wake up early with my eyes open?" 
  • I got a phone call from the youth centre, Layla will be starting ballet classes next week! I told her the exciting news & she started crying. She's scared because she doesn't know how to do ballet! So I explained what she would be doing, how it's not much different from her gymnastics class, she'll just be dancing more. Then we danced around the living room to 'Once Upon a Dream' from Sleeping Beauty.
Beautiful girl.

She has been obsessed with the framed picture of her & I at a friend's wedding. She found it in the entertainment stand in the living room the other day & as soon as she learned that was her as a baby, she's just been obsessed with it! She has it in her room now & sometimes I catch her just staring at it!

Layla has become such a morning person now! She's usually very happy to wake up & get the day started! We have breakfast & turn cartoons on & she asks me "Mommy, what we doin' today?"

Kid loves her superheroes! Batman is her favourite, but she loves The Avengers too! She did NOT want her picture taken, but I had to get her in that Captain America shirt! I think she looks like her aunt Wendi in these 2 pictures =)

Last week I was also FINALLY able to get in touch with a local school, and she is officially on the waiting list! So far it looks like she will be starting sometime this summer. I'm so very excited for her to start and make new friends, as well as learn new things! The school is in between our house and Jer's work, it's not the closest to us, but it's the most convenient. The others are a bit out of the way.  They also have an organic garden as well as some farm animals (llamas & geese) so she will be learning some really fun things outdoors! She loves flowers & trees & other plants, so it will be so fun for her to learn how they are grown & how she can nurture them! So fun!!

She also had her second ever haircut this month! It's been getting so long & unruly, so instead of just a trim (her first haircut in January we only took off about an inch!) so we had the lady cut off 3 whole inches this time!! It's still long compared to other girls her age, but it seems so short to me!! I'm really glad we went in though, because her hair is much healthier now & so much easier to manage!

Layla has started calling herself a "big helper!" she loves helping me with chores on Thursdays and throughout the week she is great about making sure her dirty clothes are in the hamper, she cleans up all of her bath toys at the end of bath time, and keeps her room picked up! She also loves helping me in the kitchen. Sometimes we'll bake things just because she wants to help me make something! She loves being a part of the process of mixing all of the ingredients & then being able to enjoy the treats she's helped me make! She also has a few aprons that she loves to wear to be just like mommy!

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  1. you take such wonderful photos! glad to see layla doing something with ALL that energy you always speak of!!!