Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Day

Of course Christmas day gets it's own post. We started the day after sleeping in to mid-morning, Layla woke us up & I headed downstairs first so I could take pictures of Layla. Santa brought her lots of fun goodies, and she also got fun gifts from all of her relatives.

This gift got the biggest reaction from her. I was actually too slow with the camera to get her really excited face before this more tame one. It's an Avengers LEGO set with Loki, Hawkeye, and Iron Man with a SHIELD truck.

She had to put her Avengers LEGO set together right away! Jer was so patient and sweet with her during the whole process. They set out every piece & he'd just point to what piece she needed & she would find it & put it together. If she couldn't get it on well enough she'd ask for his help to snap it into place. It was so fun to watch them. I just sat there watching the whole time until they were almost done & I thought to grab my camera.

The finished product!

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