Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Okay, so December was quit busy! We had a ton of holiday themed parties with friends, we ate lots of food, we did a lot of shopping, and daddy came home from his deployment!

Layla said and did some silly things, such as:

-I was hugging Layla & she asked me to put her down because she had to rest her booty.
-Layla thinks that if we put our ears together then I am able to hear the song she's singing in her head. Oh, how I wish that were true!
Sorry, I don't have more. We were so busy this month, when she did say something funny I didn't take the time to write it down, I was too busy enjoying the moment with her.

I posted about Layla's Language Christmas concert, I was so proud of her! Singing songs in French, a language that a few short months ago she didn't even know existed. She's been doing so well with her French lessons, and is eager to speak with me at home.

Poor thing was also sick a lot this month. We both pretty much had a runny nose for most of the month. She was so sick that I took her to the ER twice while Jer was deployed, and we took her to the doctor once after he got home.

She may be a tomboy, but girl sure does love shiny things!

We have an elf on the shelf, Layla named her Cindy Lou. She comes to visit every December and does silly things around the house while we're sleeping. One day she painted Layla's nose red!! As you can see Layla was unimpressed by this. She was actually pretty upset that Cindy Lou tricked her instead of me!

One night after we had already gotten in our jammies and went to bed, I remembered that there was a meteor shower happening. I hadn't expected it to be clear enough to see any, but I checked out the window and was surprised to see that there was hardly a cloud in the sky! So we bundled up & headed out to the backyard hoping to see a shooting star. We sat out there for a while, Layla loves astronomy and anything to do with outer space, so I really wanted her to see a shooting star, but we were unlucky, and as it was quite cold Layla & I were both eager to go back inside to cuddle.

Then daddy came home!! We had to say good bye to him for a few months, but we were so happy to have him back! I didn't tell Layla he was coming home, I just told her we were going to pick up a surprise. She saw Jeremy get off the bus & was mad that I tricked her, but she was so happy to have daddy back!

His first night back, they were watching cartoons while I was making dinner. When the food was finished I went to tell them it was time to eat, but they were both passed out. I didn't want to wake them, but I knew they were hungry.

Layla had her first ever eye infection this month! Doctor was surprised she had never had one before now. One day she woke up with her eye basically glued shut with boogies, and as the day progressed it started to swell and became very red. It was quite painful, but once we got some eye drops from the doctor it cleared up quite quickly.

We took a few trips to the library with daddy, since he didn't have to work much the first few weeks he was back! I love Layla's expression in this photo.

We also took daddy out to the archery club for the first time. We've had fun having him join us on our little hikes.

One night while eating dinner Jer & Layla spotted some lightsabers out back. We went out to see that it was our next door neighbour playing with his new toys. He was kind enough to let Layla join in on the fun. She loves Star Wars & was SO EXCITED to play with lightsabers! She's the blue one on the right.

All in all December was quite busy & magical. A perfect combination.

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