Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Concert

December was an eventful month, the only way I can post about it is in separate posts. I'll start with Layla's Language Christmas Concert. She takes French lessons through her school & for Christmas the students from Miss Beverly's French & Language courses and they work together to put on a multi-lingual concert! It was adorable! Kids aged 3-12 participated, and they did so amazing!

So Layla totally called this Santa out on not being the real Santa. It was so hard to keep her quiet, she was asking "Who is wearing a Santa costume? Why is there a fake Santa?!" & I was trying to keep her from saying anything to the other kids. I had to explain to her that Santa was invited, but since he's so busy this time of year he calls on special helpers to attend parties and other events for him, that he sends the presents to his helpers to give to children.

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